A day in the life of an employee

This is an example about what it’s like to work for someone else. I will illustrate this by giving examples of a typical day in the life of an employee. Now I know this is not what every single person goes through but the majority of the people we know have experienced this or are going through this.

So Mr/Mrs Employee:

It’s 06:00am and my alarm rings and breaks the silence of the dawn. I turn and look at it with anger like I’ve just been awoken from a blissful sleep, when in reality I’ve been awake for most of the night thinking about everything from why my wife snores so loud to what I used to do as a kid, even what excuse I should make so I don’t have to go into work in the morning. I’m angry at the clock for reminding me it’s that time again, time to make someone else rich, time to make money for my bosses’ new home or his next luxury holiday. It’s time to go to work.

So now I’m struggling to lift what seems to be the like the heaviest thing in the world, my blanket. It’s so nice and warm, so cosy and safe in here. However, this does not last long either, because my wife rushes out of bed panicking as usual shouting “hurry up and get out will you. Quickly make my lemon tea whilst I get the lunch ready”. I guess she has the harder task to do, so I happily poured hot water into a glass and squeezed a lemon wedge in it. By the time I had finished this she had already made the sandwiches…..How does she do it so quick?

07:30am. I’ve finished my breakfast, just about. Got myself ready. Now to fight the next battle. The journey to work. Trying to sneak past my neighbour who is always smiling and laughing about almost everything, sometimes I think I should call the mental asylum because I swear he is not right in the head. First hurdle done. Got my car started, it’s either too hot or too cold and today it’s too cold. So I turn on the fans only to feel more cold air. As I’m driving down the dual carriageway, I’m hoping that Sarah’s not there because I really can’t stand here voice. And the way she sneezes, she sounds like a puddle. But really looking forward to seeing Anna and Mark, he is so funny. Mark always makes the day go quick. I have to try and get a spot next to him today if I can.

O great no parking again. I have to drive around again for another half an hour to find a spot. Aaaa excellent it’s my lucky day, someone’s just leaving, I have to quickly take it before someone else gets in. I finally make it into the office. I look around, no Sarah, I feel so relieved. Seems like it’s going to be a good day today.  So I get to work making my first call to confirm my clients meeting. It’s all going really well. As the day progresses, nothing much is happening. Just the same old routine, meeting clients, selling the services, booking more clients to sell more services to and yes the most important to catch up on the office gossip. I can’t believe Paul slept with Angela I thought they hated each other, but I guess when you’ve had a few drinks it doesn’t matter.

1:00pm. Just realised I have two contracts that need signing and I need them sent out by today. So making sure we’re still meeting up after work with John I head back to my desk from the water cooler to get the contracts printed. I glance over at my calendar and notice that it’s my anniversary next week and I haven’t even booked that day off. My wife’s going to kill me. I promised I’d take her out the city this year. I need to think of an excuse to tell my manager. What can I say this time? I’ve used the food poising excuse a few times now so I can’t use that again. What’s wrong with this computer now why has it frozen? I need the contracts sent today. This is so stressful. OK thank god it’s working now, let’s just hope the printer’s working. O no is that Sarah? Why does she have to be here now?

3:00pm. Can’t believe how fast the time goes. The chief executive decided to make an appearance again. Got to try and make an impression, I need that promotion. Really don’t want to laugh at the same old jokes and stories that he tells. But sometimes you have to do what you need to, to get that raise. Even if you can’t stand those buck teeth and binoculars that he calls glasses.

Why is that I have exceeded my targets all last week but just because I’m a little behind at the moment he notices that…aaaand how the hell did he notice the coffee stain on my shirt from under my waste coat? I didn’t even notice it. But yea the speech about the ‘When the team works, the dream works’ is really going to motivate me when you don’t get noticed for your efforts. Anyway whose dream is he talking about? Definitely not mine. I want to be on the beach in the Bahamas sipping mojitos. I think his dream is to get enough money together to operate on those teeth of his.

4:30pm. So glad that’s out the way. OK contracts are sent out, calls have been made, appointments been booked, chief executives ass has been kissed, there’s something else I’m forgetting….O yea I need an excuse for my anniversary. Half an hour left before my manager runs of home, have to think quickly. OK have to make these calls get the appointments changed first.

4:50pm. What’s he doing here? He should have been here 20 minutes ago. I thought he wasn’t going to come today. I can’t even tell him no I can’t see you, he’s an important client. I need him. Hello Mr Caan, how are you? I’m so glad you could make it. How was your trip?

Another long night. Something else to look forward to. I guess I’ll have to leave the excuse for tomorrow now. I need to focus on Mr Caan. I need to make the dream work.

5:45pm. At last, finished for the day. Finally I can head home. At least the traffic won’t be as bad. I should be home for about 6:30pm with enough time to check my emails and settle down for my evening meal which consists leaves, seeds and some nuts for some excitement. My wife’s idea of healthy eating. Well, it’s better than not eating I guess. Anyway, the best thing about the weekdays is that I get to do all this again tomorrow. I need to get out of this rat race. It’s not good for my health.

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