You Decide What You Want

How to attract what you want

It’s surprising to learn that you attract to yourself what you send out, either knowingly or unknowingly. We have the power to lead the lives that we want. The problem is that we listen to people’s opinions and believe what we are told to by the media, movies, music we listen to etc. We have lost our self-belief in what we can achieve and do. We have placed limits on ourselves that others have told us to place. We start to repeat things like I can’t do this, it’s not for me or this doesn’t happen to people like me and so on and so forth. For this very reason you are not where you want to be, but where you have willed yourself to be. In the same way you can, if you change the way you talk to yourself, will yourself, with the help of the universe, to change your circumstances.

According to Michael J. Losier, NLP trainer and practitioner and author of Law of Attraction, we send out vibrations into the universe. The universe interprets the vibrations as positive or negative and then returns the same back to us. So for example if you wake with a bad mood, not wanting to go work or do your morning errands then you’re sending out negative vibrations and so in turn the universe will return the negative vibrations meaning more negative things will to you. However, if you wake up feeling like things will go your way, you are sending positive vibrations and so in turn the universe will return those positive vibrations i.e. positive things will happen.

Now, if you’re like me and you always try and stay positive, but still you experience a lot of negative things throughout the day, there’s an answer for that, it’s called doubt. Sometimes when you’re in a good mood and you think to yourself ‘I feel lucky today’ and then halfway through your day it all starts going downhill. It’s probably because although you felt lucky you still had doubt in your mind that things could go wrong and then when one thing, however insignificant it might be, strengthens the doubt, causing a domino effect for the rest of the day.

This is when all the negative thoughts and self-fulfilling prophesies come to the forefront and you tell yourself I knew it, I knew this would happen and so you continue to fall. Another thing people tend to build is patterns. These patterns have been ingrained over a number of years in regards to what they do, how they do it, where they do it, who they do it with. These patterns are difficult to break and so when one is trying to break them and then falls at the first hurdle, they go back to what they feel comfortable with.  These are called comfort zones. Although one feels safe here they never end up anywhere or lead a fulfilling life. If you are afraid to make mistakes then you will never learn anything new. If you don’t learn anything new then you will not develop as a person. The only way people learn is through making mistakes.

Some examples of successful people who have made more mistakes than the average person has tried are Bill gates, Richard Branson, Michael Jordan Opera Winfrey, Jim Carey, Jay Z, J. K Rowling, Stephen King, Henry Ford, Colonel Sanders, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and the list goes on. These very successful people were not any more different to you or me, in fact some had a more harder upbringing and had seen times that would make us stop in our tracks, but they stayed positive in their belief that they will get to where they want and this is just a journey. They had a plan in mind and did not stop until it materialised. The obstacles they faced where there to make them stronger and wiser and not to bring them down. Now they have the answers to your questions and problems because somewhere down the line they had the same problem, thoughts, experience as you’re having right now.

The most important thing to remember is that thoughts and words are very powerful, they work like magic. Whatever you tell yourself, that is what will happen in your day, your week or year. It is important that you increase your vocabulary of positive words and reduce you vocabulary of negative words. Avoid saying things like I can’t lose weight, instead replace it with I have a plan in place to lose weight.  Whatever you tell yourself your brain will find a response to reinforce that belief, so why not ask yourself how I can accomplish this instead of I can’t accomplish this. You will start to see a change in your responses to problems, tasks, situations, assignments etc. One example that is often used is when you are asked not to think about pink elephants, what are you thinking about? Let me guess, pink elephants, right. Whatever you tell yourself not to do, you generally end up doing that very thing. So you have to be careful about the things that you listen to, talk about, read and watch because everything has an effect on you. If it doesn’t benefit you then it’s not worth your time and effort. The benefit doesn’t have to be financial it can be physical, mental, health, something that improves your moral standing, your ability to help others, it helps you to improve your manners, behaviours, your understanding of different matters and people etc, etc.

One way to start attracting more positivity into your life is by using the three step process, as explained by Michael J. Losier, which is:

1)      Identify your desire

2)      Give your desire attention; and

3)      Allow it

You have to first identify your desire which means ascertain what it is you want in your life. Whether that’s a better relationship or a new relationship, better career or promotion, to learn a new skill or gain experience in a certain field whatever it may be. To do this it helps if you first wright down the things that you don’t want, then at least you can change it a little more easily to what you do want (the opposite of what you don’t want). Most people find it easier to wright what they don’t like or want because this is what they usually spend most of their time talking about or complaining about.

Second stage of the process is to start paying attention to your desires. You need to revisit your desires and repeat them in the affirmative on a daily basis, at least once in the morning and once before you go to sleep. This is similar to what large corporation do, they have a plan written down for the next several years which they revisit regularly to make sure they are on track and that they know exactly what they are trying to achieve. In this way you too will have your goals in mind, be working towards your goals and also feel positive that you are slowly but surely getting closer to achieving them. No matter what barriers may come up, when you have a firm destination you will think of a way around it.

And finally, just allow it to happen. Do not have any doubts in your mind that you will not achieve your objective and be clear that you will reach your destination. If you have any doubts in your mind then when things get hard and you get one problem after another you will start to slow down. The point where you have no doubt that you will get what you have set your sights on, this is the point where Michael J. Losier says that the universe will deliver. After the first two steps and then the clearing of all doubt you will get what you want, because there will be a change in your vibration and the universe will copy that vibration and make more things happen according to your positive vibrations.

So don’t forget to:

  1. Change your negative words to positive words
  2. Ask yourself how can I achieve this and not I can’t do this
  3. Wright down the things you don’t want and then the things you do want
  4. Believe that it will happen no matter what
  5. Always be learning to improve and develop; and
  6. Never stop moving forward towards what you want just because something came up

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