Your Mind Determines Your Reality

Your perceptions create your world

How you think will determine what happens in your life. To some this might sound obvious but to so many people this does not make sense. How can my thoughts rule my destiny, my future?

What you have gone through as a child all the way through to the present time will determine how you view things. These thoughts and ideas come from the people you talk and walk with often, the literature you read, the media you watch and listen to, what you parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/siblings say to you or ‘teach’ you. Everything has an effect on your views of the world and yourself. This also effects how you make decisions on every day things such as the clothes you wear, the places you frequent, where you think you stand in society etc.

If you are always going to follow what the people around you do you will always get what the people around have got. Now this can work both in a positive and a negative way. The sad truth is that people tend to live the hard life throughout their lives rather than having a hard few years to live a comfortable life after. People don’t generally stop to think about what kinds of thoughts go through their minds. The funny thing is we fester more negative thoughts throughout the day than positive. Dwelling on past problems, the only time this becomes apparent is when someone points it out to us.

In life everyone has good things happen to them and bad. There are things that we can change and there are things that we can’t change. If there’s something that you cant change then you need to change your thought process towards that thing. Because what goes on in your mind manifests into words and actions by your body, this in turns has an impact on your surroundings. What you continually think about and act out determines where you will be and what you will be known as. So if your thoughts were positive then you will have positive outcomes or if your thoughts were negative you will have negative outcomes.

It’s strange how the mind works, what one person finds exhilarating another finds scary or what one finds comfort in the other finds torment. The object is the same yet it has different emotions and outcomes. The reaction on the physical body is the same, yet the mind perceives it different. Something as small as eating a bad egg without realising it as a child can affect your reactions emotionally as an adult towards eggs. Even though you may have no egg allergies but because of what happened to you many years ago from one bad egg now effects your thought process towards eggs causing an adverse physical reaction.

Now this is just one small example, but you can use the same analogy with things like doing presentations, reading, riding a bike or driving car, even going out into public spaces where there are lots of people. One bad experience can prevent you from moving forward because you keep replaying the same bad experience over and over which prevents you from for example going out in public places. A person can talk themselves into or out of any situation, whether its good or bad for them. One person can uplift or destroy their own home, area, city or even country by the way they perceive and think about things.

Throughout your life you will develop ways of doing things, some good and some bad, but you don’t realise whats good or bad until you give it some thought, but generally speaking many people do things without even thinking about them. At that moment in time your actions may seem fine to you, so you continue doing them again and again. Its only when you get older that you start saying things like I can’t do that or I have a bad habit of doing this or that. These habits are what you will become and what others will see you as.

When people describe or talk about someone they are usually reacting to or categorising you according to your actions and your responses to them throughout the time you have known that group of people. So they may describe you as some who is fun to be around or someone who can be relied upon or someone who we should stay away from etc. You are how others think of you, because they are reacting to your thoughts which means they are responding to how you think you are.

The thoughts that go through your mind on a regular basis will determine the direction you take. You will find what you are looking for. If you’re looking for the bad in someone you will find it. If your looking for the good in someone you will find it. If your always looking at problems you will find more problems. However, if your looking for solutions for the problems you will find them.

So in order to change your life you need to change the way you think about everything that you have and what you are going through. Bill Gates is quoted as saying: If you’re born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor then its your mistake. There are many people in this world who have become millionaires and billionaires but have a very poor background. They suffered many hardships but they never once let this keep them down. They looked out for opportunities and found them and worked on them until they became successful. There are many famous examples of such people: Michael Jordan, Eminem, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and the list goes on.

So be careful of your thoughts, because they are what control your destiny. Be careful of the decisions you make before they make you.  Thoughts and words are like magic they can change the course of your future for the better or worse. Focus on improving yourself and look for ways to change for the better. It can take a life time to strive for perfection. It’s a journey not a race. As long as you’re getting better everyday that’s all that matters. Only compete with yourself not anyone else, everyone has different abilities and their own race to run.

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